(C93) “White Princess” and “Black Princess” / Dark fairy tales collection [PREVIEW PAGE]

You can buy the two CDs of Yura on MelonbooksDL (320k + scans): 

White Princess / Black Princess

This time the two CDs are really georgeous. I always complain about the new price of Yura, but I can summarize my mind like that: “White Princess and Black Princess are the two first CDs of Yura where I can accepted the price to 2314 yens in doujin store.” The reason are a lot of participants inside them, the connected stories between them, and the variation between musics. The two CDs have really an excellent level. If all CDs, in the future, have the same level of quality, with a price more expensive but with a quality present, I encourage Yura to continue like that.

Please, avoid to upload Yura’s new CDs on Youtube. Yura has made an another complain on twitter. It affects hers sales. So, if you have a minimum of respect for the artist, I will be really happy if you can avoid or delete the video you have uploaded, on youtube. Thanks for the comprehension.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Hi, everyone!

Time is so fast! We are already in December! Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you will have good feasts and moments, during this month. Don’t forget to offer Christmas presents and chocolates! It’s good for the moral. Even if it’s a little early, you can listen my Christmas present: “a musical carousel box!” I hope you will like this Christmas present. I hope the melody will appease you heart. And don’t forget to spread the magic of winter around you.

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-Work progress-

1. Preview translation of comments from Yura’s blog 100% (can be modificated with the end of my work)

2. Kanji transcription 100% (12/12)

=> one billion of thanks to Mobon (´;ω;`). Help very precious and very fast. I’m really grateful. All credits to Mobon.  

3. Romaji 100% (12/12)

=> Thanks you very much EnigmaticPigeon for the help of the romaji of the song “影姫 -Enuh Feir-” (⊃´-`⊂). So, my theory about 影姫 = Kage Hime = Enuh Feir  was true. I’m glad someone help me to confirm it. But at the end it’s the most logic thing.

4. Translations (the translation will be finished when it will be written “done”):

*In reason of connected stories, I need to translate entirely the two CDs, before to post everything*

– 秘密 / Himitsu => done. 

This is the purest music the CD White Princess. If you have read Yura’s comment, the content is about a girl completely in love with another girl. Yura’s voice is very strong, with a lot of honesty, but also with a lot of egoism and deadly passion. The composition of Tsukagoshi is fast and intensifies Yura’s emotions. All the content is really intense. I really like how the music is called “Secret”, and how some stanzas, in the lyrics, play on the word “secret”, drawing on the deeper meaning of some word.

These sentimental songs are never the simplest to translate in reason of the fact that I try to keep many feelings and depth. I hope I have succeeded this translation and many people will enjoy it!

– 薔薇色のご褒美 / Barairo no Gohoubi + 菫の欲望 / Sumire no Yokubou => done.

薔薇色のご褒美 / Barairo no Gohoubi = The other side of 菫の欲望 / Sumire no Yokubou. In the point of view of a student girl in love with his teacher. A child can’t always understand the behavior of adults. Yura’s voice is very cute to represent the innocent side of the girl.

The content is about the teacher who offers a present to the the girl. The present is a red ribbon! But after you read the lyrics, I hope you will understand that this is not the real reward, and you will have an another opinion about the music.

Because she is a child, I tried to translate in a childish style, but where the girl is aware of the danger that waiting her. The composition of Amedio really illustrates that.

菫の欲望 / Sumire no Yokubou = The other side of 薔薇色のご褒美 / Barairo no Gohoubi. The whole truth appears in the last paragraph. The content is in the young teacher’s point of view and his undeniable love for his student girl. I wanted to represent his languid love, but also very wild, while keeping a touch of sweetness and protection.

I tried to translate the lyrics so that you can’t breathe anymore to the end. I really love how Amedio’s composition is so suffocating.

– Quand Reines ~幽閉王女~ / Quand Reines ~Yuuhei Oujo~ => done.

It’s a splendid music. The concordance of the power of Yura’s voice and Hikarinosu’s orchestra are completely in harmony and have produced a masterpiece. From the first seconds, we are already conquered by music. Just like Lenie Ya Falea, I really want to hear more about Yura on orchestral compositions. It’s a sad music about a queen imprisoned in a prison. Her love, hers tears and hers prayers are the center of the lyrics. All these emotions created a beautiful storm where we end up completely elsewhere.

– insomnia parade + fabricate

– White Princess + Black Princess

– Melusine -宝石人形の絵本- / Melusine -Houseki Ningyou no Ehon-

– 影姫 -Enuh Feir- / Kage Hime -Enuh Feir-


– bring out to the light

[Correction english 0/12]

5. Comments from Meriole
6. Post all my work

Don’t forget this a preview page! Some modifications can appear after the end of my work.

The Comicket 93 will happen at the end of month. The convention is dated to 29 – 31th December 2017. During this convention, Yura will release two new CDs the 29th december.

The two new CD are on the same idea than Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. It means the two new CDs are a new White and Black CD, with connected stories between them.

[23/12/2017] Last update for the preview page:

– I added the English translation for the comments of Yura

– I added my interpretations about what I understand in the two crossfades (to complete the comments of Yura). If “black” and “white” are the main theme of the CD, there is also another principal theme in the two CD which is “ribbon.” That’s why in my explications I speak about different ribbons. Other theme between the two CD are betrayal, lie, fantasy world and prisoner of darkness (of a room).

– I added my opinions for each songs. My opinion are really short, because I love everything and I don’t have so much to say, in more.

– According one of Yura comment is better to begin by the listening of the white CD, and after the black one

– Between the two CD, I think the black one, will be better in reason of the fact that the truth of connected stories fall on it.

black and white princess cover

Covers of “White Princess” and “Black Princess.”

White cover linkBlack cover linkWhite and Black cover link /  White website / Black webiste  / Yura’s comments

The two covers are sublime (*_*)! Thanks to おにねこ / Onineko (illustration) and 月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko (aka くろみん / kuromin) (design) for the hard work. Just like Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette, the two characters are sitting in a seat. I love the roses, the ravens, the scepter and the cute plush ><! I can only summarize my thought with: “Wow,” so much I love them. In the two covers, two different loli princesses. We have black and white country. Yura has said the covers contain: “terrible princesses with a destructive power inside them.” Black and white with destructive power. I can’t wait to see what it will give!

– – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – –

Tracklist comparison / Connected stories between the two CDs.

Tracklist for the CD White Princess:

01. Gothic March
Composition: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
An elegant beginning. I have always considered that it’s really nice to use the instruments from Mr. Hikarinosu. Lovely and romantic, in reason of the white image.

Comment from Meriole:
Very cute, and my mind is flying away. No matter what I think, Hikarinosu’s composition is really full of light and every time I find the orchestral instruments really superb, for the context of fairy tales.

Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: オッカ / Okka (Mamyukka)

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
It’s a very cute song as if you turn over the toy box.
The coquettish and charming notes composed by Mr. Okka are opening fully.
I tried to experiment personally, in changing the way of singing, speaking and microphone.
The lyrics have a whitish feeling, but the image, inside me, is similar to IT movie.

Comment from Meriole:
An “existence” comes and knock to your door. Will you let it to come here, to exchange this red ribbon, for those unforgettable memories?

We begin with the lolita mode of Yura. Of course, I’m already in love. I find the lyrics very funny with the “toc toc”, “dong dong” but really dark. Okka’s composition has always has a very cute effect and the reverberations flowing from it, it’s really excellent. I can clearly hear the different changing variation with the microphone.

03. Melusine -宝石人形の絵本- / Melusine -Houseki Ningyou no Ehon- (Melusine -Picture book of the jewelry doll-)
[Melusine = Melusine, the doll. There exist different “dolls collection” in the world. Some collections have given the name of theirs “dolls model” as Melusine, and sometimes have created only 2,000 exemplaries of this model. Today, “the Melusine dolls” are considered, as really ancient and rare dolls. They have the particularity to be really really beautiful dolls. ]
Lyrics: 月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko (aka くろみん / kuromin)
Composition: 樋口秀樹 / Higuchi Hideki

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
The lyrics from my little Sonoko are adorable! The composition from Mr. Higuchi makes appear a romantic girl!!
The colors of each one are very beautiful and give together a very throbbing heart.
The lyrics and composition fit completely together… I respect you.
It’s the story about the dreaming jewelry doll called “Melusine” which has been sold in the shop of piece of arts of the town. Unbearable.

Comment from Meriole:
The story about the doll Melusine who is crying… She left a town, but discover a new one. A strong feeling wishing to have a ribbon in its hands.

A composition based on the model of a pretty town. Once again, the lyrics from Sonoko, are also very cute, on this theme. Overall, it sounds like a dream. But it’s pretty cute and I really love it. Yura’s voice tries to be happy and sad, at the same time. She tries to give a heart to Melusine and I find this really adorable.

04. 薔薇色のご褒美 / Barairo no Gohoubi (Marvelous rose-colored reward)
– 薔薇色 = barairo = refers to the color rose (rose-color). The color rose is a color of seduction, romance and femininity, punctuated by a touch of delicacy. It’s also associated with tenderness and happiness, as also the phrase “the world through rose-colored glasses.” However, the rose is a garish color that can sometimes fall into excess and make the opposite effect than that desired if it is not used wisely.
– ご褒美 = gohoubi = refers to the reward or prize of great importance. Not to confound with 褒美 = houbi that refers to a simple reward, prize. ]
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: アメディオ / Amedio

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「Black Princess」の4曲目「菫の欲望」と対になっております。
This is the white side of the 4th song “菫の欲望 / Sumire no Yokubou” of “Black Princess.”
I try to write the lyrics on the theme of the awakening egoism love of a girl.
Amedio’s composition is not only white romantic atmosphere, but also with a light dark feeling, where the lyrics are blowing away naturally. Lovely!

Comment from Meriole:
The reward is a red ribbon! This reward will be put around the neck. The themes of the song are punishment, lie and trap.

“Singing night and the shining stars illuminate footmarks.
This ribbon is it a reward?”

Amedio’s white composition, with a little of malice and egoism inside it. Can you feel it? The lyrics are about a love between a student and his teacher? Yura’s voice sounds really like to an egoism little girl, really happy of her situation. Pretty cute and dark song, I enjoy it.

05. insomnia parade
Lyrics: 海兎 / Kaito (EastNewSound)
Composition: とろまる / toromaru

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「Black Princess」の5曲目「fabricate」と対になっております。
This is the white side of the 5th song “fabricate”of “Black Princess”.
Cute lyrics about a dreaming girl, on an endless and endless white composition. White feeling, everywhere! I was singing nervously and lightly w.
I was set on nothing else than happiness.

Comment from Meriole:
The story of a girl and “her friend.” In sign of their friendship, a red ribbon. Together, in this beautiful world close of the paradise, there’s nothing wrong. So, continue to dream and dance.

“Here, everything is funny,
An interminable fantasy.”

I love so much this one. I can imagine myself as the girl dancing in this beautiful world. I think Kaito’s lyrics are superb with the description of this paradise world and the composition of toromaru make me sunk completely inside it. Yura’s voice tries to imitate a girl “completely white.” That gives a vibe completely innocent to the song. After all there’s nothing wrong, here?

06. 秘密 / Himitsu (Secret)
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: 塚越雄一朗 / Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou (NanosizeMir)

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
As I was excepted, Mr. Tsukagoshi has composed a very white feeling, including madness.
The song with the lyrics, take us somewhere. I tried to write on the subject about a girl in love, hugging an another girl. The girl is in age to embracing perverted delusions and dreams.
I put an egoism feeling, and very immature one. How is it?

Comment from Meriole:
A girl is hugging the girl she loves, “even if this one is completely broken.” A very beautiful song with the crying heart, and the pledge “to be in this state” for eternity.

“Even if now I’m alone, I’m holding your hand”

Tsukagoshi is doing a fast rock! I think the lyrics and the fast Yura’s voice give an intense sensation to the song. The theme is “lesbian.” It’s a pure love, but with dark consequents. All the song makes me really cry, just like the girl in the song. I can’t never be bored of honest lyrics by Yura.

07. White Princess
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: Drop

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「Black Princess」の7曲目「Black Princess」と対になっております。
This is the white side of the 7th song “Black Princess” of “Black Princess”.
This is the story about a white country and black country. The white country is big and rich.
In both song reveals the personality of the two princess. I was singing even on a manner to produce a white princess, very cold…
I hope, I have done it!

Comment from Meriole:
My theory is about the white princess and the black princess who have a discussion together about the situation of their country. The white princess answers to the aggressive questions of the black princess.

“I don’t know.”

Most of last compositions from Drop have disappointed me. But this one sounds better. The crossfade part is pretty short and it’s really difficult to judge the lyrics and Yura’s voice in this one. Overall, I don’t dislike it, so I think it will be a good song.

08. White Dream
Composition: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
A song by Mr. Hikarinosu, where lives French country, until the end. Please let me hear more! I was thinking that w.
And then, for the continuity, you can continue in listening the black side and discover something completely different.
Such high calculations… Such terrible child … w

Comment from Meriole:
So cute, I’m fall asleep zzzz… Wait, it’s not the moment, I need to listen now the black CD. So, it seems with this comment Yura affirms it’s better to begin with the white CD.

09.NIGHTMARE -Instrumental-
10.Melusine -宝石人形の絵本- -Instrumental-
11.薔薇色のご褒美 -Instrumental-
12.insomnia parade -Instrumental-
13.秘密 -Instrumental-
14.White Princess -Instrumental-

Tracklist for the CD Black Princess:

01. Gothic Waltz
Composition: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
A song beautiful and oppressive. The entrance of the black feeling don’t stop.
I love how the connection to the second song is wonderful w.

Comment from Meriole:
I can really feel a malicious feeling in this waltz. Black side is attacking!

02. Quand Reines ~幽閉王女~ / Quand Reines ~Yuuhei Oujo~ (When Queens ~Captive princess~)
Quand Reines = it should refers to French language. The literal translation in English is “Quand Reines = When Queens.” The problem is the sentence doesn’t has so much sense. The sentence sounds like more the beginning of the phrase, where the rest of the phrase, has been cut in purpose. Also, you can notice that the word “Reines” is in plural in French. So, the song should be about several “Queens” (if Hikarinosu doesn’t make error). ]
Composition and lyrics: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
Composition and lyrics are from Mr. Hikarinosu. Can you feel the atmosphere of black?
In the heart of a sublime princess, a beautiful storm.
My rusting falsetto voice, has an amazing sensation. Even, the chorus by Mr. Hikarinosu, was superbly superimposed. Just amazing!

Comment from Meriole:
The story who is retained prisoner in the darkness, a princess. Her heart can’t stop to think to her beloved one. The strong determination to not finish as “whitered flower” with “innocent thoughts.”

“My prayers will cross the darkness and will reach you!”

Wow 0_0!!! The first second are so explosive. I’m loving so much orchestral composition from Hikarinosu and really love when his doing the lyrics on his composition, the content is always great. Yura’s voice is so painful, but also noble at the same time. This song is really mind-blowing.

03. 影姫 -Enuh Feir- / Kage Hime -Enuh Feir- (Shadow princess -Enuh Feir-)
[ – Enuh Feir = I have zero idea of what is means. I need to wait the lyrics, for more research.  ]
Lyrics: 月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko (aka くろみん / kuromin)
Composition: 樋口秀樹 / Higuchi Hideki

Comment from Yura, on her blog:

Twist Mr. Higuchi! It’s so beautiful, I love how the flames of romantic that passing, in the song.
I was singing fascinated, with in a painful and noble atmosphere.
I’m even jealous by the ideal form of lyrics from my little Sonoko.

Story from my little Sonoko:
The beginning takes place where a poor mother reads to her very young daughter a picture book called “Kage Hime/Shadow Princess.” After that, the daughter has grown, and she became the Shadow Princess.
The daughter received protection from the deceased and her mother. A story of struggle performs by a wild hunt.

Comment from Meriole:
In the darkness, the shadow princess performs a strange reunion.

I find Higuchi’s composition really awesome. The beautiful begins with the effect of a French castle. When Yura begins to sing, she sounds like really like a dark princess. The effect is really good. The lyrics seems really sad, in reason of the tears. But lyrics are too short and too difficult to understand, to give a proper judgement on it. I’m really happy Sonoko gives the explication of her lyrics. I know Sonoko can do cute and painful lyrics that make her a fine woman.

04. 菫の欲望 / Sumire no Yokubou (Greedy violet)
[ – 菫 = sumire = refers to the flower violet. The violet symbolizes modesty and humility in all that is most tender. It also symbolizes the delicacy and the depth of the feelings. The violet is a sign of bashfulness. It means the person is too timid to express his/her true love.
– 欲望 = yokubou = refers to a “strong desire,”most of the time falling in the luxury, or avidity. Sometimes, the Japaneses use “yokubou” in reference, to the capital sin of avarice. ]
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: アメディオ / Amedio

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「White Princess」の4曲目「薔薇色のご褒美」と対になっております。
This is the black side of the 4th song “薔薇色のご褒美 / Barairo no go Houbi” of “White Princess”.
Beyond the point of view of the girl, the point of view of her young man partner. He is, her private tutor.
The content is maintaining in a feeling to finish completely himself in a motivation to steal entirely the heart, because she is still a child (problem to understand this phrase. I’m not sure of the translation for this one).
The two different love are the theme.
It was really difficult to stop the real wild romantic from Amedio’s composition.

Comment from Meriole:
The person has accepted the reward and put the red ribbon around the neck. But for some reason this person finishes to suffocate… A profound malice, madness, and prank is feel everywhere, here.

Such a horrible song… My heart can’t stop to be horrified every time I’m thinking about the greedy of this song. Between all songs of the white and black crossfade it’s my favorite. I can say the song will be excellent with a theme that Yura never try. My blessing to Amedio’s composition for the dark waves everywhere.

05. fabricate
Lyrics: 海兎 / Kaito (EastNewSound)
Composition: とろまる / toromaru

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「White Princess」の4曲目「insomnia parade」と対になっております。
This is the black side of the 5th song “insomnia parade” of “White Princess”.
The lyrics are the opposite of the white one!! White lyrics was nothing else than pretty and cute, but, here, the lyrics speak about a girl who is holding discretely darkness, and the contrast is my favorite dish.
I also believe that the lyrics from Mr. Kaito and the composition by Mr. toromaru are really superb.
It just fits for a troublesome dark fairy tale w.

Comment from Meriole:
The name of the song is fabricate, and the composition sounds like a “toy factory.” After all, everything was made for “her friend.”

“Everything was just like you was desired.
You and me, whisper in our ears, this unforgettable melody.”

What will you do for your best friend? I think, that’s on this idea that Kaito has written the lyrics. It’s a sad reality and toromaru’s composition with the clock effect makes me really tremble. I find Yura’s voice really violent. Just like she forces you to accept this sad reality. A very great song, waiting us here.

06. bring out to the light
Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi (IOSYS)
Composition: 塚越雄一朗 / Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou (NanosizeMir)
Special Vocal: 塚越雄一朗 / Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou (NanosizeMir)

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
ギターはじまりで凄くかっこよいこの曲、Special Vocalとして塚越さんが参加して
いかがでしょうかっw この路線、またやりた・・ゲフンゲフン
Mr. Tsukagoshi has so many skill to compose songs! I really respect him.
The beginning of this the song is really attractive with the guitar, and Mr. Tsukagoshi has participated as Special Vocal for an amazing rap! It’s nothing more than talented.
And, I also received the lyrics written by Mr. Youno, so gorgeous and impressive.
I tried to sing without leave behind the elegant explosion sung by Mr. Tsukagoshi, how is it?
I want to try again this method… Fufufu

Comment from Meriole:
By egoism, someone is cloistered in a room. The violent screams of someone “searching for light.”

Oh, my god! Tsukagoshi as special guest. I’m so happy, I love you Tsukagoshi. I’m feeling so closer of you since I bought your CD during the M3-40. Like I said, I always love Tsukagoshi, but this composition is beyond my expectation. Such a wonderful rock/metal composition. It’s really amazing! Tsukagoshi seems to shout: “bring out to the light.” I find the collaboration between YuraXTsukagoshi really excitating. I can’t wait for the full version. I’m really surprise to see that is Youno who has written the lyrics. I have already an idea of what have done Youno with the lyrics, but it should please me. Youno, a lyricist who have written more than 350 lyrics of songs. Always doing something completely different every time. This song will be in my memory. The collaboration YuraXTsukagoshiXYouno is really a unique song.

07. Black Princess
Lyrics: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: Drop

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
こちらは「White Princess」の7曲目「White Princess」と対になっております。
二人の違いを感じていただけたら嬉しいですヽ(●´Д`●)ノ 間奏もDrop氏節
がきいていてふつくしいどすなーv 毎度ウキウキ歌わせてもらってます。
This is the black side of the 7th song “White Princess” of “White Princess”.
From the side of the black country, where the white country receives an invasion by the princess of the black country falling in love, for this one.
By the way, the cover of the two CD have been created and based, on the image of the two princesses.
I will be very happy if you can feel the difference of personality between them ヽ(●´Д`●)ノ.
Even on Drop’s composition can be heard a royal French clan.
Every time, I’m singing excited.

Comment from Meriole:
My theory is about the white princess and the black princess who have a discussion together about the situation of their country. The black princess attack of questions, the white princess.

“If you have nothing what will you do?”

Finally, a composition of Drop that makes that me really excited. The end of the crossfade is so awesome. Yura’s lyrics so violent and aggressive, with the speed of Drop’s composition. It will be clearly better than the white CD. Once again, the crossfade part is really short, so it’s difficult to judge properly the lyrics, but I think it will be an amazing song.

08. Black Dream
Composition: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment from Yura, on her blog:
ループが止まらないっw インストって物語の余韻を担う大切な
A beautiful song that seems to shine in the future.
And now you are supposed to run into the white CD, for a conclusion.
The loop doesn’t stop w.
I consider that instruments are important to support the reverberation of tales. But, I’m really happy that Mr. Hikarinosu makes me completely a composition, as I was thinking.

Comment from Meriole:
And now all truth have been revealed. It’s time to return to the white side, to have better impression.

09.Quand Reines ~幽閉王女~ -Instrumental-
10.影姫 -Enuh Feir- -Instrumental-
11.菫の欲望 -Instrumental-
12.fabricate -Instrumental-
13.bring out to the light -Instrumental-
14.Black Princess -Instrumental-

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(M3-40) 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari) / Dark Youkai fairy tales collection + discord

I did it! I finally finished my work on the youkai CD. I will be really glad if you can enjoy all those sentimental youkai, with my translations (・ω・*).

妖華語り=> Full translation+full explication

Some points before to take a look to my work:

>I’m not a fan of oriental music in reason of that my heart doesn’t has vibrated so much, on the CD. It’s very difficult for me to judge the CD. All my opinions are personal, also. That mean that someone else, than me, can fall in love with the CD. I know perfectly the team from Yura worked every hard each time. Yura has a lot of fans, so she can’t do always a CD that pleases me. I’m glad she came back with an oriental CD for Asian people.

>Globally a CD very excellent, for me, but that suffers also of many problems. And sadly, I have the feeling that those problems come crush, all the good sides of the CD. I would like to put a positive comment for all songs just like FairiA, but I can’t do it in the CD. But believe me, I don’t have pleasure to speak badly about the team of Yura.

>This time summarize about stories for all songs is short. My opinion is really big, however. The comment page is 15 pages. It’s more than FairiA… As always the page of comments is optional. It’s more to give you an idea of what is about the song. But the translations+notes are enough sufficient to understand what happen in each songs. However, you need, at least, to read the comment from Yura for the song 紅蓮夜叉 / Guren Yasha and千年桜ノ姫 / Sen Nen Sakura no Hime.


I created a discord, for Yura fan. Please come, if you want to speak about Yura or doujin music. I may also asked help for English translation. I will be very happy if some English people can help me. Here, the link of discord:


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紅蓮夜叉 (Guren Yasha) – english translation / 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari)

I really, wonder what think people about this song made by Drop? Pratically sure, some people are dissapointed, about this one. I find the whole song really excellent. But it’s difficult to enjoy it without uderstand anything. Really love the part between 2.50-3.08, where I imagine a massacre. I can feel the genius lyrics from Yura in this one.

The content of the song is following directly the first track of the CD. The song is a reference to “Yaoya Oshichi” and “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (hyakkiyakou).” I wonder, if you will understand what happens exactly to the end of the song.

To see what is about this song click: here.

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Title: 紅蓮夜叉(ぐれんやしゃ)/ Guren Yasha (Red lotus Yasha)
[ – 紅蓮 = ぐれん = guren = red Lotus or Crimson Lotus. Guren refers to a red lotus. It symbolizes the color of the skin when this one, is shining of red. Red lotus flowers can have a spiritual sense of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth. To Japan, this flower is known to serve Hindu deities. Love, passion, compassion and seduction are the most common meanings of the red lotus flower. It represents the nature and innocence of the heart, which always ends up putting feelings before reason. People who are considered passionate and who are governed by the rules of the heart are often tattooed this lotus flower.
– 夜叉 = やしゃ = yasha = a youkai = yaksha (rendered yasha in Japanese) were an ancient class of usually-benevolent spirit from Indian myth, who presided over subterranean treasures and were worshipped as tutelary deities. Yasha are ferious and powerful demons. Some japanese stories contain some Yasha as a demon, killing other demons, and also eating the human flesh and blood (until to eat completely the human soul). ]
Lyrics and vocal: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition: Drop

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蛇焔姫譚 / Hebi Honoo Ki Tan – english translation / 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari)

Very cute and drama story. I really enjoy it all along. Kuromin has really well written the lyrics. Actually that on those style of lyrics, that I don’t like too much translate. In fact, the way are written the lyrics are full of different meaning and give a very deep side to the speaker. So, I put a very long note, after the translations for pratically all paragraphs, to give you an idea of all many ideas refer kuromin, with the words she has chosen safely. I don’t think a lot of people, will read them, but believe me, it gives really an another impression to the song.

The content is about:
“A youkai snake (hebi), has gone in long journey, to try to see once more the person, she was loving. After a long trip, she has finally reached the place where she can find him.”

To see what is about this song click: here.

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Title: 蛇焔姫譚(じゃえんきたん)/ Hebi Honoo Ki Tan (The tale of the princess, flames snake)
[ – 蛇 = じゃ = hebi = youkai = hebi are represented, with the shape of giant snakes, and sometimes with a Human head. To simplificate the translation, I used the word snake.
– 焔 = えん = honoo = flame
– 姫 = き = ki = princess
– 譚 = たん = tan = story or tale ]
Lyrics:月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko (aka くろみん / kuromin)
Composition:五十嵐芳樹 / Igarashi Yoshiki
Vocal: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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千年桜ノ姫 (Sen Nen Sakura no Hime) – english translation / 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari)

The story seem mixed different Japanese tales.
I wonder if Yura was not inspired by some cherry tree, like “Garyuzakura, called the Millennium cherry tree?” The name comes from its unique shape which reminds visitors of a dragon lying on the ground.

The story is about a dragon god (ryuujin), where its life is connected to a cherry tree. The whole of the song is very sad. Sometimes, you can hear in the composition from Tsukagoshi the notes of pipe from “him.” I really love how it fits with the context of the song.

To see what is about this song click: here.

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Title: 千年桜ノ姫(せんねんざくらのひめ)/ Sen Nen Sakura no Hime (Princess of the millennium cherry tree)
[ – 千 = せん = sen = thousand
– 年 = ねん = nen = year
– 桜 = ざくら = sakura = cherry tree
– ノ = の = no (particle “no”)
– 姫 = ひめ = hime = princess ]
Lyrics and vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition:塚越雄一朗 / Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou (NanosizeMir)

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花魁妖 (Oiran Ayakashi) – english translation / 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari)

It was very hardcore to translate, this one. In Japanese, Youno’s words refer to many things accentuated in the X things. It was difficult everytime to choose a word to give sense to the song, all in keeping a side of pleasure. My only disappointment is that Yura doesn’t sing with a sensual voice.

For me, this is the song the most terrifying of the CD.

The content is about a youkai hiding her appearance with clothings. She will invite a man for her pleasure, and act as prostitute (oiran). All along, the song she becomes slowly to undress, until the truth is revealed. I let all your imagination runs between the sex and the horror content.

To see what is about this song click: here.

– – – – – – – –

Title: 花魁妖(おいらんあやかし)/ Oiran Ayakashi (Mysterious High-class prostitute)
[ – 花魁 = おいらん = oiran = postitute. Other name to refer to “oiran” is “first flower”. The oiran were high-ranking courtesans in Japan, famous especially during the Edo period. They are the main characters in the “world of flowers and willows” (花柳 界, karyuukai). The houses where they lived were called “green houses” (seirou). They are distinguished from ordinary prostitutes by their mastery of the arts, especially dance and singing, and the fact that some have become famous outside of pleasure quarters.
– 妖 = あやかし = ayakashi = refers to the strange phenomenons, when something suspicious and supernatural happens (I chose mysterious for the translation). ]
Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi (IOSYS)
Composition:とろまる / toromaru
Vocal: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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桜黄泉語 (Sakura Yomi Gatari) – english translation / 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari)

Another wonderful lyrics made by Youno. It was not so much simple, for me, to translate this one. Because I have never seen the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and my contemplation for them. My heart has translated, something that it never felt. But I think, Japanese people should find this one really touching and full of emotions.

I really love when Yura raises her voice to say: “Sakura! Sakura!”

To see what is about this song click: here.

Special credit for Flaminius and SoLaTiDoberman for the english title translation help.

– – – – – – – –

Title: 桜黄泉語 (さくらよみがたり) / Sakura Yomi Gatari (The recital of cherry blossoms, for where the dead people go)
[ – 桜 = ざくら = sakura = cherry blossom
– 黄泉 = よみ = yomi = it means “where the dead people go. ” There is no distinction, the heaven and the hell. Dead people all go to only one world, yomi, according to the Japanese Shinto religious way of thinking.
– 語 = がたり = gatari = gatari is a form that you never find in the dictionary. It is katari (narrative or story-telling) in the compounding state. Can be translated by speech, declamation, recital, word, language…]
Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi (IOSYS)
Composition:アメディオ / Amedio
Vocal: 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

– – – – – – – –

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